The new CALOR CA2

Florian Gleisenberg
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The new CALOR CA2 -

The CALOR CA2 is our new air heater which offers the best quality and functionality - and at a great price!


With a heat output of 2500W, our parking heater in the 2kW class has corresponding reserves and does not immediately reach its limits even at very low temperatures. Inside, too, it convinces with high-quality workmanship and is designed for durability. The connections for combustion air, exhaust gas, diesel and air are designed in the sizes commonly available on the market, which means that the heater can also be plug'n play used in existing vehicle attachments.


The controller was developed according to our specifications and has all the functions for maximum comfort.

Of course, a timer and a sleep timer are included. It is also possible to ventilate the car while stationary (assuming fresh air intake). In the extended parameter level, undervoltage shutdown, temperature offset and various control parameters (heating curve) can be set.

The controller is equipped with an external temperature sensor with a 1.5m cable as standard. The best place to measure the room temperature is not always at the controller. Therefore, the sensor can be placed where it makes sense.


Everything for a normal installation of the parking heater is already included in the set. A suction pipe for the tank and a T-piece for fuel extraction are also included. The connection cable for an external ON/OFF switch or an additional module is already included.