CALOR or LF Bros? whats my choice?

Florian Gleisenberg
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CALOR or LF Bros? whats my choice?  -

With LF Bros and CALOR, we have 2 different manufacturers in our range that have some things in common, but also show various differences, which are ultimately the reason why we have both in the range at the same time.
First of all, it should be said that both heating brands have their justification.
Basically, both heaters are of top quality, with the CALOR being of higher quality in the details. The accessories in particular are more individual in many ways and can keep up with many more expensive brands. The 3/5kW LF Bros can also be regulated down to a minimum of 1.4kW, whereas the CALOR CA4 can also be regulated down to 1.0kW. To prevent sooting during long periods of low power, the heater is automatically burned out at full power for a short time every 10 operating hours.
In the small performance class, the advantage of the CALOR CA2 compared to the LF Bros is that the heating capacity of the former is 2.5kW. This can be a decisive advantage, especially in larger interiors or if the room is often cooled by fresh air.

Use is important when making a choice. The LF Bros heaters only have a very simple controller that doesn't mean it too precisely with the temperature. For example, for a construction machine such as an excavator, this inexpensive air heater is sufficient or is ideal for this. This heater is also sufficient as a redundant mobile home heater, which takes over the work for a limited time if the gas heater fails.
The advantages of the CALOR are exactly where the LF Bros has the disadvantages, on the controller.
Due to the low lower temperature threshold of 5.0°C, the CALOR is also ideal for keeping the camper frost-free. The hysteresis of how much heating is to take place is adjustable, as is the switch-off threshold above the setpoint.
The heating characteristics can also be individually adapted to the vehicle. In a small vehicle, the heating should reduce the output well before the setpoint is reached in order to avoid having a sauna afterwards. On a large vehicle, it is desirable to have the heater running at full power close to setpoint. Setting the sleep timer, timer, etc. pp is a matter of course with the CALOR. In addition, the CALOR can also be started via an additional module. Unfortunately, the LF Bros does not have an external input, but in contrast it has a 433MHz interface for the radio remote control supplied.
Settings at the LF Bros? In the old T2 controller, they are limited to the desired temperature or the selected power. In the new T4 controller you can finally set a time preselection, but only with whole hours and everything is still very colourful.
If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive parking heater with approval, the LF Bros is the right choice, but you have to accept deductions in terms of comfort. For optimal comfort and full functionality in the mobile home, minibus, truck or boat, the CALOR is probably the better choice.