Victron Blue Smart IP65 12/15 12V 230V Akkuladegerät

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The blue smart ip65 12/15 12v 230v battery charger (bpc121531064r) is the latest professional, charger from victron Energy with built-in Bluetooth. It is designed to charge 12v batteries of various types and provide a maximum charging current of 15a. Together with the free victronConnect App you can easily and smartly evaluate the activity of your battery charger via your smartphone, tablet or computer and even configure it to a certain degree.

technical highlights of the Blue Smart ip65 12/15 battery charger

  • easy configuration and setup of the Blue Smart ip65 12/15 via Bluetooth interface
  • suitable for all 12v battery types
  • max. 15a charging current
  • solid protection against splash water. Dust and chemicals thanks to ip65 protection
  • has several functions to extend battery life
  • automatic temperature adjustment at low or high temperatures
  • automatic power supply function
  • 7-step intelligent charging algorithm
  • can recover fully discharged batteries "dead batteries
  • has low energy mode for charging small batteries
  • victron-Part number: bpc121531064r
  • Lithium-ion battery mode

ultra-high efficiency "green" battery charger

With up to 95% efficiency, these chargers generate three to four times less heat than the industry standard. And, after the battery is fully charged, power consumption is reduced to 0.5 watts, five to ten times better than the industry standard

durable, safe and quiet

  • low heat load on electronic components
  • protected against dust, water and chemical ingress.
  • Protection against overheating: the output current is linearly reduced when the temperature rises up to 60 °c, so the charger does not fail even at extreme temperatures
  • the chargers are absolutely silent thanks to passive cooling: no fan or other moving parts

Reconditioning (recovery)

A lead-acid battery that has not been sufficiently charged or has been left in a discharged state for days or weeks will deteriorate in performance due to sulfation. Provided the process is stopped in time, it allows the sulfation to be partially reversed by charging the battery at low current until a higher voltage is reached

Function to restore fully discharged batteries

Most chargers with reverse polarity protection will not recognize a battery that has been discharged to zero volts or near zero volts and therefore will not recharge it. However, the Blue Power charger will attempt to recharge a fully discharged battery with low current and will resume normal charging after sufficient voltage has been established across the battery terminals

optional accessories Blue Smart ip 65 12/15 bpc121531064r

  • 12 v cigarette lighter plug with fuse
  • 2 meter extension cable
  • Terminals with fuses
  • M6 cable lug connector with fuse

Scope of delivery:

1x victron bpc121531064r blue smart ip65 12/15 12v 230v battery charger
1x instruction manual
1x connection terminals
1x m8 cable lug connector

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