Votronic 3075 Battery Protector 40A 12V Overvoltage protection

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The VOTRONIC units Battery Protector 40 and Battery Protector 100 are connected between supply battery and consumers, and they are suitable for all types and brands of lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM). The units protect the battery from dangerous total discharge and the consumers and equipment from undervoltage and overvoltage. Apart from that, they can be used as remote-controlled battery main switch by means of an external switch.

  • Switching current 40 A, short-time overload up to 60 A is admissible, display of the switching state is visible from outside
  • EMERGENCY ON function by switch at the unit; remote control is possible by external switch
  • Automatic reset, as soon as the battery voltage is again in the normal range (charging)
  • Separate sensor cable and switching thresholds with hysteresis and timer function for trouble-free operation
  • Bi-stable power relay, very low own consumption: less than 3 mA (according to EN 13976)
  • No own consumption after disconnection by external switch, such as remote control as battery main switch
  • Solid terminal screws for battery and load cable cross sections up to 10 mm²
  • Execution “Motor” with higher disconnection thresholds keeps the starting ability of intervention vehicles with only one battery circuit according to DIN EN 1789
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