Pundmann Therm Boiler 6L AIR 230V 500W / 12V 200W, Version mit zwei Heizungen

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The Pundmann 6-liter boiler with two heaters can be operated with two different supply stresses: 230V or 12V. The heating output of a heater is 500 W at 230 V and 200 W at 12 V. It is therefore possible to choose between these two tensions, depending on the availability of the power grid and the preferences of the user. With an operating pressure of 2.3 bar, the Pundmann Therm-Boiler ensure independence from the system, e.g. when camping, camping, etc. You can connect the heating boilers directly to the 230 V network, if not, but if not You can still enjoy hot water from your car/caravan power grid.

- Boiler capacity: 6 l
- Supply voltage of the boiler: 230V/12V
- Electrical heating output: 500W/200W
- Operating pressure: 2.3 bar
- Heating time: approx. 70 minutes
- Water connection: 10 mm diameter
- Setting the safety valve: 3.0 bar
- Hot air connection: 90 mm diameter (optional adapter with a diameter of 60 mm must be ordered separately)

Item weight: 6,70 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 38,00 × 22,80 × 20,00 cm