Pundmann Therm Boiler 2,3 bar 6L 12V 200W

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Pundmann's 6-liter printing boilers are designed for the warming and storage of water with an operating pressure of 2.3 bar. The hot water manufacturer is equipped with a 200 W electrical heater, which heats the water quickly and efficiently when connected to 12 V power supply. Thanks to the operating pressure of 2.3 bar, the water in the boiler is under constant pressure, which means that its temperature can be kept over a longer period of time. When the current is switched on, the electrical heater begins with the heating of the water and switches off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. Its small size and simple operation make it a very practical and functional device. Pundmann thermal heating boiler with an operating pressure of 2.3 bar are heated with a 12 V, 24 V or 230 V-electrical arteries.
Choose the right model for your needs and enjoy warm water wherever you relax.

- Boiler capacity: 6 l
- Supply voltage of the boiler: 12V
- Electrical heating power: 200W
- Operating pressure: 2.3 bar
- Heating time: approx. 75 minutes
- Water connection: 10 mm Ø
- Setting the safety valve: 3.0 bar

Item weight: 5,45 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 53,40 × 22,50 × 31,30 cm