LF Bros Air Heater E5.0 5KW 12V Kit (EU Version)

LF Bros E5.0 5kW air heater kit

Scope of delivery:
  - Heater E5.0 5KW, 12V
  - Controller with temperature and power control incl. radio remote control*
  - Wiring harness (NEW: completely waterproof)
  - Dosing pump (new version) including silent holder
  - User manual German+English
  - Combustion air hose
  - Intake silencer
  - Stainless steel exhaust pipe
  - Exhaust silencer (new better version)
  - Heater flange for body bushing including seal
  - Warm air hose
  - Y-piece with switching flap (D=90mm)
  - Outlet socket for warm air
  - fuel line
  - Connector for fuel line
  - Tank extraction line for vehicle tank (Art. No. 8310)
  - Fuel filter with filter bowl, can be dismantled
  - Various clamps and small parts

*) For the radio remote control you need 2 more. CR2016 type battery.

The German and English instructions can be found at www.g-part.de/lfbros.

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She's finally here! The cheap alternative to heating cars, mobile homes, trucks or boats. Warm room without compromising on quality and all with European road approval (ECE tested, "E number")!

The E5.0 from LF Bros is an air heater that doesn't have to hide behind the competition, NOW NEW with 5kW heating capacity for very large touring vehicles. With a fuel consumption of 0.14-0.35l and a power consumption of 10-55W you can enjoy many happy hours in the warmth. To ensure safe operation even at higher places, the heater has an air pressure sensor that adjusts the combustion parameters to the lower air pressure - tested up to 5230m on Tanggula Mountain.

There are 2 different variants for operation. Either simply with a rotary control or with the LCD control panel. This allows the heat output and the temperature to be regulated.

In order to ensure whisper-quiet operation, the air connection is correspondingly large and the fan speed correspondingly low. Quiet operation can only be guaranteed with a low air speed - even without additional silencers.

The heat output of 5kW also offers enough reserves in large vehicles to create pleasant warmth even in freezing temperatures.

Every heater goes through extensive quality control, which also includes a test run before delivery.

The set comes complete with all mounting accessories and accessories for warm air distribution. A fuel extraction for the vehicle's own diesel tank is also included in the scope of delivery.

This parking heater kit is ideal for all very large vans (L3H2 or larger), large mobile homes (truck based) or boats.

The heater has a European ECE approval (E9) and is therefore registration-free. A digital control panel is included for regulation, with which the output or the temperature can be regulated. The operating instructions are extensively described in German and English.

The intake/supply air connection (diameter) and the hole pattern of the exhaust flange are identical to the common heaters from other suppliers.

High-quality components such as the Kyocera glow plug, a stainless steel burner, low-noise blower motor, etc. ensure long-lasting and low-noise operation.

Technical data:








Operating Voltage: 12V
Heat output: 1400-5000W
electr. Power: 10-55W
Fuel: diesel

Consumption: 0.14-0.55l
Approval: ECE(E-No.), CE, EAC
Dimensions: 372*141*150mm
Air connection: Dansaug = 75mm, Dausblas = 90mm
Weight heater: 4.2 kg
Weight including accessories: 7.0 kg

max. heating power: 5000W
: 1400W
device type: Luftheizung
fuel: diesel fuel
max. Airflow: 180m³/h
: 12V
Item weight: 9,50 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 48,00 × 48,00 × 25,00 cm