Votronic 3324 VCC 1212-30 12V zu 12V 30A B2B Ladewandler

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The vcc 1212-30 from Votronic (mpn 3324) is a fully automatic, non-isolated battery charge converter for specialty vehicles, high-end motorhomes and boats.

  • High charging power even for short driving distances or full charge for longer driving.
  • Increases/decreases the voltage to the necessary level to precisely charge the on-board battery with the optimal charging characteristic for it.
  • Fully compensates for line losses and alternator voltage fluctuations, such as those that constantly occur to a considerable extent in Euro 6 vehicles (intelligent alternators).
  • Compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch mode technology) and power components with strong dimensions for safe operation.
  • Significantly better energy balance of the on-board battery without intervention in the starter circuit
  • Supplied 12 V consumers are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
  • The charging voltage is free of peaks and regulated in such a way that overcharging of the batteries is excluded.
  • Fully automatic operation: the device is constantly connected to the batteries and is automatically activated by the running alternator of the vehicle. When the engine is not running, the batteries are not discharged.
  • Parallel and buffer operation: in case of simultaneous consumption, the battery continues to be charged or kept full. The device automatically calculates and monitors the adjustment of the charging times.
  • monitoring-free charging: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, malfunction and battery back discharge by electronic cut-off up to complete disconnection of device and battery.
  • Built-in on-board power supply filter: Problem-free parallel operation with other charging sources (ebl, chargers, motor and fuel generators, Solaranlagen) on one battery.
  • Charging cable compensation: Voltage losses on the charging cables are automatically compensated.
  • Connection for battery temperature sensor (included in the scope of delivery): For lead batteries (acid, gel, agm), the charging voltage is automatically adapted to the battery temperature, resulting in better full charging of the weaker battery in cold weather, and avoiding unnecessary battery gassing in summer temperatures.
  • LiFePO4 batteries: Battery protection at high and especially at low temperatures < 0°C.
  • Charging aid for deeply discharged lead batteries: Gentle pre-charging of the (lead-acid, -gel, -agm) battery up to 8 v, then powerful support of the battery with possibly still switched on consumers


Scope of delivery:
- Votronic 3324 vcc 1212-30 12v to 12v 30a b2b charging converter
- Temperature sensor
- Instruction manual

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