Votronic 1715 MPP 250 Duo Digital 15A 12V MPPT Solar-Laderegler für zwei Batterien

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This controller is especially designed for caravans and boats.

- up to 250Wp module performance
- max. 15A module current
- max. 50V module voltage

Controllers according to the MPP technology are continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) of the solar modules several times per minute.
The voltage surplus of the solar module will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery (realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency). This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system.

  • Main Charging Port I: Automatic charging and conservation of charge of the (main) board supply battery
  • Auxiliary Charging Port II: Current and voltage reduced for recharging as well as trickle charge of the vehicle’s starter battery, thus ensuring continuous starting capacity
  • Continuous control, full batteries by immediate recharging in case of current consumption
  • Automatic charging programs adjustable for gel, acid/lead-acid and AGM/fleece batteries for optimum charging results
  • Indicators for operating state "Full", "Charging", "MPP" and "Low Voltage"
  • Very low own electricity consumption, high efficiency
  • Connection for Battery Temperature Sensor for temperature compensation
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