Pundmann Therm Boiler 3L AIR für 24V 400W Standheizung

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This hot water is easy to install and only takes up a little space, which is important for vehicles with a limited room. The electric 400-watt heating is able to quickly heat the water in the 3-liter tank so that the hot water can be used in the motorhome. With the auxiliary heating option, the heat of the vehicle engine can be used to heat the water in the boiler, which is particularly useful in winter. In this way, the user can use warm water regardless of the external power supply.

Pundmann Therm:
- For the heating of domestic water in coaches, yachts, caravans, food trucks, etc.
- Hot water also where there is no electrical infrastructure.
-heats the water with warm air from the auxiliary heater or with a 400 W electrical heater.
- Inexpensive alternative to combination devices.
- Made made of high quality stainless steel according to the drinking water form.

- Boiler capacity: 3 l
- Suitable for 2KW 4kW parking heaters (Autoterm 2D, 4D or other alternatives)
- Supply voltage of the boiler: 24V
- Electrical heating power: 400W
- Operating pressure: 2.3 bar
- Heating time: approx. 75 minutes
- Water connection: 10 mm Ø
- Setting the safety valve: 3.0 bar
- Hot air connection: 90 mm diameter (optional adapter with a diameter of 60 mm must be ordered separately)

Item weight: 6,86 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 53,00 × 21,00 × 30,60 cm